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In modern times, no garage door is complete without an opener system. This allows the user to open and close the garage door remotely or via a keypad.

For those driving, the remote option is very handy, as it allows the garage to be opened and closed without leaving the comfort of the vehicle. For those on foot, the keypad provides a convenient and safe means for opening and closing the door. In most cases, the door can be opened from the inside as well as the outside by way of a keypad garage door opener.

Purchasing a New Garage Door Opener

At the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we make it easy for you to buy a new garage door opener. If you need an opener for your current door, we have different models to choose from, even if we weren’t the ones who installed your garage door originally. If you’re purchasing a new garage door system, it will also most likely include a garage door opener to go with it.

Garage door openers increase convenience and safety. We recommend garage door openers to go with all garage doors. With innovations and technology changing rapidly, garage door openers do change over time, so please check with one of our experts if you have any questions about what a new garage door opener can do for you.

Garage Door Opener Repair

There can be a variety of situations where garage door opener repair is necessary. Sometimes it is a battery issue, but other times it is a computer system issue. Some customers need help programming (or reprogramming) their garage door openers, as well.

No matter what the reason may be, the Overhead Door Company of Lexington is there to help you with your garage door opener repair and troubleshooting. Most issues can be addressed on the spot, and it often does not require garage door opener replacement.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

There are various garage door opener pieces that may need to be replaced during the life of your garage door. The main piece is the garage door opener itself. If battery replacement isn’t the cause of trouble, there may be a problem that requires replacement. The same is true of the keypads and car remotes. Over time, these can wear out and need to be replaced, as well.

A trained Overhead Door Company of Lexington technician can assess your problem and make an informed recommendation so that you don’t spend money unnecessarily. If a repair is warranted, we can handle it; however, if you have damaged or worn out parts that cannot be saved, we can replace your garage door opener for you.

Either way, you’re covered when you trust the experts here at the Overhead Door Company of Lexington!