Covid : Overhead Door Company of Lexington


On April 7th, 2020, Overhead Door Company of Lexington adopted our COVID-19 Mitigation Policy to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19. Our goal was to do our part to protect our customers, employees, and community from a virus that remains hard to contain despite the efforts of all levels of government.

On April 27th, the Kentucky Governor announced plans and guidance for businesses to contain the virus and reopening the Kentucky economy. Along with the existing guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the time, our company adopted the following policies.

As of October 26, 2020, the Kentucky Governor, Local Health Departments, and even the CDC have changed and altered COVID-19 protocols requirements that apply to individuals and businesses several times since April 2020. At times, these changes have been confusing and sometimes contradictory. In attempt to conform to public health policies and because it is our social responsibility, our company will continue to follow the policies outlined below.

Infection Prevention and Mitigation Policies

  • All employees must follow social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC and the Kentucky Governor. Always maintain a six (6) foot distance from other employees and customers. Do not gather in groups of more than four people and maintain social distancing when meeting as a group.
  • To enforce social distancing within the company, all personnel that can continue work from home will be authorized to work from home. Please see your supervisor/manage to determine the best plan to accomplish this.
  • To minimize contact between employees all work orders and sales appointments will be scheduled and dispatched by Operations personnel. Sale appointments and work orders will be given to the appropriate personnel electronically or in batches.
  • Per the Governor’s guidelines, employees are required to wear face masks to help prevent the spread of the virus. Face masks do not have to be surgical masks or N-95 respirators and can be made from cloth. See CDC Guidance “Recommendations for Cloth Face Covers”
  • All employees upon entering the building will self-administer a temperature check done at the Operations front counter. Employees must report a temperature higher than normal to supervisor/manager.
  • All employees are required to wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Wash hands before and after leaving the worksites, our building, and interacting with other employees/customers. If soap and water are not immediately available, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a good alternative.
  • Employees are discouraged from using other employees’ phones, desks, offices, tools and equipment. If you do, it is your responsibility to clean it before returning it to your fellow employee.
  • Maintain a clean workspace. All employees are required to perform regular housekeeping practices, including daily cleaning of all surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment and truck.
  • Employees who have symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, or shortness of breath) will notify their supervisor and stay home.
  • Sick employees at home should follow all guidance from medical professionals, health departments, and CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus to customers and other employees.
  • Employees will not return to work until criteria is meet by healthcare providers, state and local health departments.
  • Employees who are well but who have a sick member of your household (living in the same space) at home with COVID-19 will notify their supervisor and follow guidance from healthcare providers, state and local health departments.


Taylor Lyle