Code of Business Conduct : Overhead Door Company of Lexington


The guidelines by which Dealer Members of the International Door Association are to be voluntarily governed in relationship with their customers set stipulations for the following:

Consultation Services

A door dealer’s professional knowledge is a valuable result of their training and experience, and when called upon for service or for technical advice, it is proper that they be paid for rendering these services.

Negotiated Agreements

The Code recognizes the important role of contract negotiation in which a single garage door dealer is selected on merit, followed by the development of required construction details and costs. Negotiated agreements should be in writing for the protection of the dealer and the dealer’s customer.

Bid Procedures

When the sealed bid process is utilized, the following should apply: Dealers should not seek to obtain price information concerning a competitor’s bid or proposal before all bids are submitted. The figures in a bid or proposal shall not be changed after submission unless a corresponding change is made in the scope of character of the work. In submitting bids or proposals, the dealer shall carefully identify materials to be used and services to be rendered. The dealer shall take care to avoid ambiguous or misleading terminology.

Truth in Advertising

Advertising, corporate and product literature, letters, and sales presentations should be strictly truthful, avoiding claims which are misleading or inaccurate.

Product Installation

Products shall be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions provided by the product manufacturer.

Responsible Conduct

Dealers shall avoid conduct or practices likely to discredit the door systems industry, and honor their obligations and commitments to customers, employees and suppliers.

Safety Compliance

Dealers shall provide a safe working environment for employees and shall comply with applicable safety regulations. In addition, dealers shall inform customers regarding safety features of products and safety precautions to be taken in the operation and maintenance of a door system.