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Whether it’s for your residential home or commercial building, a new garage door is always a major purchase. Before you make a decision, it’s wise to talk about your options with a garage door expert. The Overhead Door Company of Lexington has been assisting customers with these types of decisions for well over 50 years now.

A residential garage door represents the largest opening to your home and also impacts its overall beauty. Especially for home owners whose garage doors are visible from the front of the home, it’s important to select a door style and color that complements your home’s look. In addition, selecting a safe and secure door provides peace of mind as a layer of protection against pests and crime.

Plus, a garage door can be a big help when it comes to your home’s insulation. Keep out the cold of winter and the sea of summer by keeping your garage door closed when not in use.

Installing a garage door is definitely a job for a professional. At the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we have trained technicians who can troubleshoot when necessary and ensure that your door is installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines. We back all of our doors with the same prompt and courteous service that we’ve delivered for multiple generations here in the Lexington, KY area.