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Loading Dock Repairs & Service

Trust Your Local, Central KY Experts for Professional Loading Dock Repairs

We sell, service, and replace loading docks and loading dock parts to keep our fellow local businesses up and running. No matter what type of loading dock equipment you employ, our experienced technicians have the knowledge to help you fix any problem that may occur. We stock parts for all sorts of brands so that we can initiate a repair as soon as possible.

Downtime in any commercial warehouse setting will be costly. That’s why it’s sensible to know who to call before you have a problem. Here at the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we understand how loading docks work and how each part is an essential spect of a company’s supply chain. Functionality and safety are of utmost importance, and we will help you solve your loading dock issues whenever they come up.

Loading dock repair and maintenance efforts are vital parts of an overall facility plan because it helps ensure safety for employees and production by within the facility. That translates into increased overall profit for the company.

Reliable docks are essential when it comes to expansion efforts. Knowing that a process chain is dependable allows businesses to scale up and expand on their own pace and schedule. It’s comforting to know that the mechanical door needs will be fulfilled by a reliable, local partner like the Overhead Door Company of Lexington.

We help keep local businesses up and running by making sure their loading docks are properly serviced and maintained!