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When You Need Fire-Rated Doors, Contact Us

Every business owner is concerned about the safety of their employees and the protection of their buildings and facilities. One of the primary threats to any building is fire, and taking proactive steps to safeguard it ahead of time can mean the difference between losing and saving a structure to fire.

Another important factor is protecting the contents within a warehouse facility. Some businesses keep their entire inventory in one space, and a fire could have a devastating effect on their ability to remain in business.

At Overhead Door of Lexington, we have you covered when it comes time to select a fire-rated door for your business. We can inform you about our Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device, which provides an added measure of safety to control the doors’ automatic closure.

Plus, our FireKing® fire door collection offers a wide variety of doors designed for fire protection, with innovative designs and an optimized performance record.

In addition, we also carry Cornell fire-rated doors and counter shutters. Depending on your specific needs, we definitely have a fire-rated rolling door to suit you, one specifically engineered for fire-rated openings and designed for safety and durability.

When it comes to garage doors and all types of commercial door types, we are your local industry leader and we’re proud to have served in this capacity for almost 60 years now. If you have any garage door needs or if you have questions that need to be answered, contact us today.

We’re your neighborhood resource, and we’re always ready to help on your next project!