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Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Last time, we wrote about Carriage doors for your home, so we thought this time we’d go in the opposite direction and write a little bit about the various commercial garage door options we have available here at The Overhead Door Company of Lexington.

Let’s start with Haas Commercial Sectional Doors, which are available in steel or (in some cases where corrosion is a high risk) aluminum sections. You can select from different options when it comes to insulation types and styles, as well as panel treatments.

What about aluminum glass doors? These doors offer an abundance of light for commercial and industrial areas. They offer a lot of modern appeal and accent to contemporary and mid-century design aesthetics.

When it comes to thermal and environmental concerns around your place of business, you will want to consider a Thermacore Sectional Commercial Door with its emphasis on air infiltration, wind load resistance, and overall thermal efficiency.

No matter your situation, The Overhead Door Company of Lexington can supply the steel door your company needs. We have sectional steel and insulated steel doors that we can recommend when durability, reliability and economy are all top priorities.

Get your business working more comfortably and efficiently. Get a new commercial garage door from The Overhead Door Company of Lexington!