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Our Garage Door Product Offerings

For most people, the need for a new garage door is not a daily occurrence; however, when the need does arise, it’s important to get your purchase right the first time. Not only is it a large purchase, it’s also a purchase that has long-term ramifications on safety and temperature efficiency.

Fortunately, here in central Kentucky, The Overhead Door Company of Lexington serves as an experienced industry leader with over 50 years of helping families and businesses just like yours.

For residences, we have all the best garage door options for you to compare. Whether you need a straightforward, inexpensive option or an eye-catching designer door, we have you covered. Plus, we provide professional installation that helps protect you and the other people who live in the home.

The same is true in the commercial garage door market. We have a large variety of options that cover different industries, building types, and service needs. Obviously, some businesses depend on their warehouse garage doors to operate flawlessly throughout each working day in order to perform their jobs. Most importantly, we have door options that fit your individual company’s needs so that you get exactly what you need.

Plus, The Overhead Door Company of Lexington sells all varieties of garage door openers, as well. From vehicle remotes to keypads and standard key-operated locks, we have all the top models. And if you need replacement or any type of service down the road, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing we will be here when you need us.

There’s really no reason to look anywhere else. Let us help you like we’ve helped so many of your neighbors over the years. You’ll get great service and products at affordable prices. Contact us anytime!