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How to Handle Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors are an integral part of your home. Not only are they the doors commonly used to get in and out of the home, they’re also the largest doors, as well. Keeping them running dependably and safely is an essential part of total home care.

First, check your garage door opener. Some may be completely manual, so that means watching to make sure it’s on track as you open and close the door. Are all parts secure and fastened as they should be? Other doors open by remote and keypad. Testing battery and electrical power ensures that your keyless entry is functioning properly.

Even if you only use the remote inside your vehicle to open and close your garage door, you need to inspect the door itself and take note of how it rises and falls on its track. The doors are huge and heavy, creating a potentially dangerous situation if they’re not operating safely.

That also means checking the door itself door for wear and damage. Check the handle, lock, hinges, rollers, and other hardware to make sure the door is in working order.

And it’s a good idea to contact Overhead Door Company of Lexington for routine inspections, as well. Our experienced and courteous team members can assess your garage door and offer suggestions for any additionally necessary garage door maintenance.

We’re always available for emergencies, and we’re easy to schedule for routine issues. Let Overhead Door Company of Lexington take care of all your garage door needs!