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Good Garage Door Habits for Winter

With weather here in Lexington, KY already dipping into the freezing zone, it’s a good time to revisit some best practices for your garage door during winter. With each season, you may want to use your garage door differently.

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First, it’s a good idea to keep it closed when it’s cold. The garage door is your home’s largest opening to the cold weather, so keeping it closed increases your home’s energy efficiency. That can translate into real money saved.

Also, since you’re trying to keep your door closed, you may want to plan how you’re going to use your door each day. To prevent excessive use of the springs, make the most out of each opening. For example, if you have a two-car garage, consider bringing out both cars at the same time if you can. On other occasions, think about utilizing a different door of the home when the garage isn’t necessarily involved.

Cutting down on raising and lowering the garage door can really extend the life span of the springs and other door parts. It just makes sense that if you open and shut your door two times a day instead of four times, you’re doubling your door’s potential longevity.

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