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Garage Door Repair vs. Garage Door Replacement

Owning property usually involves managing the care of some type of garage door, as well. With it being the largest entrance into a building, it obviously has importance when it comes to security, efficiency, and convenience.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington has been taking care of garage door issues for nearly 60 years in this community, and we have answers to whatever questions you have concerning your garage door, whether or not you purchased it from Overhead originally.

Garage door repair is often an option when you have garage door difficulties. Broken springs and other parts can be replaced. Rollers, seals, and springs account for many common issues, but the same is true of the automatic garage door opener and its components.

None of these issues necessarily mean the end of your garage door’s life span, however. Contact the Overhead Door Company of Lexington and let us help you get your door back up and running again.

Garage door replacement can occur for a variety of reasons. Some garage doors are old and past their designed life expectancy, while other building/home owners simply want a different door.

Some want a door that looks different, and some need a door that functions in a different way. This is particularly true of commercial building owners, who need special functionality from their garage door.

Whether you need a garage door repair or garage door replacement, trust the Overhead Door Company of Lexington. We have built our reputation over decades of service, and we’re ready to help you, as well!