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Common Garage Door Repairs

Whether we like it or not, garage doors don’t last forever. After a certain number of years, even a premium door will need to be replaced.

But what about the time in between when things go wrong? That’s when repairs will need to be made. And while some repairs can be done yourself, most will require the help of a professional garage door company.

For people in and around Lexington, KY, the Overhead Door Company of Lexington has been the home of the reliable garage door experts. For nearly 60 years, we have helped homeowners and building owners with garage door repairs.

Most of the time, a garage door repair is necessitated by something not working properly. In some cases, the opener won’t operate the door properly, which prevents the door from opening and closing. In other cases, rollers or springs may have broken and need to be replaced.

Add to that the possibility of damaged panels and missing weather stripping, and you can understand how the need for garage door repairs can happen fairly often.

Rest assured, no matter what type of garage door repair you need for your door, the Overhead Door Company of Lexington has you covered. Contact us the next time you need help, and we’ll send out a repair technician to get you back up and running as soon as possible.