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Choosing the Wooden Garage Door Option

When it comes time to pick a new garage door for your home, there are many factors that will influence your decision. No doubt, price, availability, and durability will be among the top considerations, but the type of material used to construct the door is always a big factor, as well.

While the final decision will include many options, some people just prefer the classic look of a wooden garage door. Here at the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we have always maintained a fine assortment of wooden garage doors from which our customers can choose.

With either rail-and-stile or flush designs, you’re assured of getting just the type of wooden garage door look you’re imagining. These doors add curb appeal (which can quickly transform into $$$ upon a sale) to just about any type or style of home.

It’s interesting to note, too, that wooden garage doors don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Our current offerings come at many different price points and represent an affordable option for most homeowners.

In short, a wooden garage door is often a fine choice. It can look great and come at an affordable price. Plus, you get professional installation from the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, along with a life-long partner to assist with routine maintenance and inevitable repairs.

Maybe a wooden garage door is right for you. Whether it is or isn’t, we know we have the right door for your needs. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you!