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Adding the Garage to Your Home Maintenance Schedule

Normally, the summer is a great time to take care of outdoor home maintenance. You’re outside, anyway, taking care of lawns, bushes, and flowers, so you get a chance to assess the outside view of your home firsthand.

Your home may need fresh paint or patching. It also may need work performed on the roof, chimney, or windows. The driveway may need to be coated and sealed. All of these are solid home improvement options. But did you know that it’s also important to take the time to maintain your garage door properly?

It’s true. Performing routine maintenance can extend the life of your garage door and ensure safe usage over time. If you need help with your garage door maintenance, we here at the Overhead Door Company of Lexington are available to lend our expertise.

A garage door needs to be checked to make sure it’s physically sound and hasn’t been dented or damaged. Poorly maintained wooden doors may even begin to show rot. Garage doors also have parts (rollers and springs) that need to be replaced from time to time, so they need to be inspected regularly, too.

Making sure your garage door is sound and functional is an important aspect of your home maintenance schedule. Here at the Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we help people solve their garage door problems every day. If you need to purchase a new garage door, need help fixing your current garage door, or just have a simple issue (like a problem with your automatic opener, for example), contact us today!

We’re always here and ready to help you with all your garage door needs!