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Why You May Want an Aluminum Glass Door

In some situations, particularly with regard to commercial and industrial spaces, aluminum glass doors can be just the right accent to create a bright wall, a modern look, and an interior room with abundant natural light.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington offers aluminum sectional doors that really fit this type of application. With the right mix of industrial and modern, these doors offer an attractive alternative to other door options.

With several different aluminum sectional door models available, we offer a variety of sizes, glazing materials, track styles, and finishing options. These doors work great in certain types of retail stores, restaurants, fire stations, service stations, and more.

Plus, aluminum glass doors are built tough so that they don't need a lot of extra maintenance, and their beauty tends to hold up over time. In short, they are engineered for the long haul, and you'll appreciate that, too.

Contact The Overhead Door Company of Lexington to find out more about aluminum glass doors and whether one may be right for you. We can answer all your questions, and you can choose from a full list of finishing options.

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