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When Springs Break on a Garage Door

Almost all garage doors rely on some type of high-tension spring system for some of their functionality. And while all the major garage door manufacturers do make quality products, these springs can eventually fail over time.

In these types of situations, Overhead Door Company of Lexington is at your service. Spring replacement should be performed by trained experts, and our team is filled with skilled technicians with abundant experience and knowledge.

One reason high-tension garage door springs break is that time takes its toll on them. After years of repeated use, metal can become weak or flaws in the continuity of the spring can be revealed.

There are other reasons that cause garage door springs to break, as well. Sometimes garage doors are exposed to unusual conditions. Weather can play a factor, as well as what occurs in and around the door itself.

That brings to another cause of trouble–accidents. Obviously, any accident involving a garage door can cause damage to any part of the door, including its high-tension springs.

No matter what causes your broken spring, you know who to trust. Overhead Door Company of Lexington is ready to help. We have 24 hour, seven day a week emergency help lines. We know your tie is valuable, and we’ll get your door back up and running as soon as possible.