Taking Garage Door Safety Seriously : Overhead Door Company of Lexington

Taking Garage Door Safety Seriously

Garage doors are extremely heavy and move along a track that suspends them above your head and vehicles. Think safety could be an important priority when it comes to their installation and maintenance? You bet it is.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington understands the dangers when it comes to garage door safety. We have over 50 years of experience helping our customers operate their garage doors safely so that everyone is safe and the door lasts as long as possible.

When it comes to garage door safety, it certainly begins with proper installation. Our experienced technicians are familiar with different makes, models, and common household obstacles. Each door is different, and some require an expert touch in order to be installed correctly.

Next on the safety list is routine maintenance. Performing a periodic review of your garage door’s operation is a good idea. Test out functionality and inspect the various springs and wheels to ensure their integrity.

And finally, don’t forget to educate yourself and your family members about garage door safety. Remember that the door is not a toy, and children should not have access to the controls. Make sure you know how to use the emergency release, and always keep clear of a moving door.

At The Overhead Door Company of Lexington, we want you to enjoy your garage door for years to come. If you follow our safety advice, you’re more likely to enjoy your door safely over time.

As always, we’re here for all your garage door needs. Contact us any time!