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How to Keep Your Garage Door Working Its Best

Your garage door is an important part of your house. It allows you to keep out extreme hot and cold, plus it permits your car to enter and exit the garage in order to minimize weathering. Essentially, it's your home's largest door.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington is your local expert in all areas related to garage doors. We sell, install, and service garage doors, so we know all about them, especially when it comes to keeping them running their best.

For you, the customer, it's important to understand a few ways to keep your garage door both safe and functional.

First, keep in mind that garage doors have springs. These springs can break at any time, but the most common time is after seven to twelve years of regular usage. Garage door springs can be inspected, but if they break, they need to be replaced.

Next, remember to perform regular garage door maintenance. Parts need periodic lubrication. The exterior needs to be washed and painted as needed. Also, if the balance seems different, that needs to be inspected, as well.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington is available to assist you with any and all of these tasks. Contact us any time, and we'll get to work for you!

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