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Garage Door Opener Maintenance Steps

Your garage door opener provides a valuable function. For most people, it means having the ability to open the garage remotely from the car as your vehicle approaches. At the very least, it means not having to lift and lower the door yourself.

The Overhead Door Company of Lexington understands all aspects of garage door openers and the maintenance they require. As with all of our recommendations, we are always available to perform these tasks for you at your home, as well.

Since 1993, garage door openers have been required to have a reversal feature. If yours does not have one, it should be replaced for safety reasons. If the door strikes something while closing, it needs to be able to reverse course and return to the open position.

After checking the reversal, test your door's force setting. When a garage door strikes something while closing, it should reverse readily. Test this by holding the bottom of the door as it closes to make sure it reverses easily.

In addition, photo eyes and edge sensors may be added to provide further layers of safety. These can help prevent entrapment; however, there is no substitute for a door that meets UL's safety science standards.

Your garage door opener is an important part of your overall garage door system. If you have concerns about your garage opener, let the Overhead Door Company of Lexington repair or replace it for you.

We're always ready to help!

installing a garage door opener